Travel Set with 13 Branded Male Care Products


Travel set of 13 pieces for men, having the appropriate size that you may carry on board.

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This complete on-the-go collection of travel toiletries and accessories, available in a practical transparent and waterproof PVC vanity case, covers the everyday needs of modern man who wants to be equipped with all the basic products of personal care, hygiene and grooming when a trip comes up. The set is not only ideal for every kind of trip, either for business or for pleasure, but also a brilliant idea for a gift to any of your beloved male persons. Obtaining this carefully compiled collection of travel items, the man of today manages to save precious personal time and plenty of money when he plans to travel, since he is provided with all the necessary personal care commodities for both short and longer journeys. This 13-piece travel kit contains the following travel size toiletries and accessories: 1. Gard hair gel strong 30ml, 2. Listerine mouthwash total care 95ml, 3. Nivea Creme 50ml, 4. Foldable toothbrush, 5. AIM White now toothpaste Triple-Power Gold 16ml, 6. Bic Metal Shaving razors 5pcs, 7. Nail clippers inox, 8. Dental floss 50m, 9. Ultrex Anti-dandruff Shampoo Active Cleanse 50ml, 10. Dove Nourishing wash Purely Pampering 55ml, 11. Rexona Deo Roll-on Men Quantum Dry 50ml, 12. Arko Shaving Cream Cool 100g , 13. Transparent vanity case PVC.

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