Hospital Set with 14 Branded Care Products


Complete pampering set with personal care products.

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This kit is here to help you with your daily personal care routine. Εquipped with all the essentials so you don’t have to search in different places to get them.This set of hygienic products contains exactly what you need! This very practical and useful waterproof case contains: Colgate toothpaste 19ml, Pantene shampoo Aqua Light 75ml, Dove nourishing shower gel Purely Pampering 55ml, Normal Clinic cotton buds 100pcs, Gold Dolly Dental floss 50m, Bellas Greek Traditional Soap 100gr, Senzate wipes with argan oil 15pcs, Bath Sponge, Toothbrush, Sleeping Mask, Soap case, Earplugs, Slippers * If a product is depleted, it will be replaced with one of the same type and similar brand.

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