Baby Care Set 6pcs


Very gentle Cherubin baby wipes for daily protection of sensitive baby skin.

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Product Description

Your baby’s sensitive skin deserves the reliable protection of Cherubin baby wipes. It has been clinically tested that Cherubin baby wipes clean more gently than cotton and water, while the unique pH balancing composition helps prevent skin irritations while maintaining its natural pH. Also, Cherubin Baby Wipes are very gentle, they contain neither fragrance nor alcohol, as they are specially designed for the needs of your baby’s sensitive skin. They are dermatologically tested and suitable for use from the very first day.

  • They clean gently
  • The unique pH balancing composition helps protect your baby’s sensitive skin from irritation
  • They are clinically tested to clean softer than cotton and water, and contain neither alcohol nor perfume.
  • Dermatologically tested and suitable for use from the very first day
  • With moisture retention system

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